Self Cleaning Facility Pack

Self Cleaning Facility Pack

This facility pack is the perfect introduction to NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces for a facility.


For small businesses

This is a great package for restaurants, individual physician/dental practices, or any small business that wants to get started. Install these items and see what your customers say. We think you'll be impressed with the feedback.


Sales tool for cleaning/janitorial and facility management

If you're in the business of cleaning, then this is the perfect promotional item to send to your customers. We all know that cleaning and janitorial services are virtually invisible. People don't know when or if a facility was cleaned. These products provide visual communication which tells people where the clean places to touch are and shows you are providing an extra level of clean. What a great differentiator in an industry that has been largely commoditized. NanoSeptic products make clean visible™.






  • The package includes the following items

    2 X Medium Handle Wrap ( 4" x 6”)

    2 X Push Bar or Wide Handle Wrap ( 3.6" x 12”)

    2 X Push Door Pad ( 6" x 9”)

    2 X Small Handle Wrap ( 3" x 4”)

    2 X Door Handle Sleeve

    Installation Manual


    All the products last 90 days